The Social


At GKTCC, we're as much a family as a club, and our socials reflect that. There's something in it for everyone - from the serious diners to the serial

wine-ers. Club dinners, nights out, post-match socials, black-tie events - we do them all.


Come for the cricket - stay for the social.

Guy's Bar

Guy's Bar is the beating heart of Wednesday Sports Nights at GKT and KCL. Nothing quite compares to enjoying a few drinks with your mates after a tough match or training session, and we like to liven it up by having themed nights, so your photos won't look the same two weeks in a row.


Awards Dinner

Our annual end-of-season Awards Dinner is a black tie affair where we celebrate the (usually many) achievements of the season and our players - old and new. A three-course meal, drinks and awards presentation make up what never fails to be a lovely night.

Club Meals

Club meals - we love 'em. Before a match, after a match, Wednesday nights - come dine with us. There is one establishment in particular that is extremely close to our hearts, and that is the esteemed Café Nawaz. Unforgettable memories have been made at this restaurant, which is a staple of the culinary scene for all GKT teams.  

gb 1.jpeg

Family Life

Being part of GKTCC means being introduced to a whole host of different people with whom firm friendships are inevitably formed. We aim to foster that friendly and welcoming atmosphere and encourage everyone not to feel shy and to get involved with club life - it's incredibly rewarding! Whether it's celebrating each other's birthdays or going on random nights out together, come and get involved - join our family!