Cricket at GKTCC

Our performance team, with an outstanding record, facilities and coach - perfect for more experienced and competitive players

Our intermediate team - a gateway to the Firsts as well as a great place to develop your game in top class facilities.

Our newest team - whether you're new to the game or a bit rusty after a few years, this is the place for you!

Cricket at GKT CC will exceed all the expectations of a university student.  Whether you are a competitive cricketer, whether you want to get back into the game, or whether you have never played the game before, GKT CC offers state of the art facilities for every one of you.


The winter off-season gives us all a chance to enjoy training with our close mates at university, whilst still working on our skills and improving as cricketers for the season ahead.  GKT CC has sourced a first-class cricket ground giving us access to facilities unprecedented amongst universities within London.  Training sessions for the whole club run weekly on a Wednesday afternoon across both the first and second term.  

For those looking to take their cricket to the next level in the winter and push for a place in the 1st XI in the summer, a group of 15-20 GKT members are selected onto the GKT CC Academy Programme.  For further details of the scheme, please find the relevant page.


Over the winter, we also enter two indoor cricket teams to the Surrey Indoor League, with the 1s also entering the BUCS Indoor Competition and UH Indoor Competition.  This provides competitive cricket throughout the calendar year, whilst also providing opportunities for freshers to represent the cricket club from an early date.    


The summer season at GKT CC begins early to avoid clashes with exams.  Operating as the only cricket team in London to have 3 outdoor competitive outfits, no other university side offers as much of an opportunity to represent your team playing the game you love.  The 1st XI are currently the most successful university cricket side in London,  playing in 5 competitions and 20 games over the course of the season.  The 2nd XI play in 3 competitions and play between 10-15 games in the season and the 3rd XI enter 2 competitions playing 5-10 games in the season.  Friendly fixtures against universities and cricket clubs, as well as the MCC, are also played during the summer season.  For more information about each team including past results and future plans, please find the relevant page.


Overall, GKT CC offers the opportunity to train more and play more, whilst still offering more competitive cricket than any other university.  Feel free to contact us within any questions, cricket, or otherwise related!

Our performance team, with an outstanding record, facilities and coach - perfect for more experienced and competitive players

Our premier indoor side, playing in the off season in a variety of competitions

Our second indoor team, perfect for novices to the format

White Sheet






Raghav Shaunak v RH - 5/17

Abdullah Khawaja v KCL - 4/17

Rhys Williams v IMCC - 4/41


Jai Ramchandani v St Mary’s - 4/14

Brendan Guest v KCL - 4/25

Abdullah Khawaja v Kent - 4/19



Saajan Ramji v LSE - 4/13

Zain Rizvi v George’s - 4/20

Rhys Williams v RUMS - 4/23

Siddarth Raj v RUMS - 4/23


Jai Ramchandani v GKT 2s - 4/3

Ansh Vaidya v GKT 2s - 4/8

Tanay Kulkarni v BARTS - 4/12

Jai Ramchandani v IMCC - 6/27

Jai Ramchandani v Imperial - 4/14


Jai Ramchandani v RUMS - 6/26

Jai Ramchandani v UEL - 5/28

Ansh Vaidya v George's - 5/22

Zain Rizvi v IMCC - 4/16

Ishan Singh v George's - 4/22

Aarjav Jain v RUMS - 4/8

Shaeel Hassan v BARTS - 4/17


Mirza & Soni v RUMS - 166

Bannister & Lawrence v BARTS - 133

Bradbury & Soni v St Mary’s - 126

Morris & Rizvi v Kent - 129

Ramchandani & Rizvi v UCL - 147

Patel & Williams v UCL - 137


Lawrence & Sodhi v Imperial - 107

Vaidya & Williams v KCL - 108

Lawrence & Soni v George’s - 135

Mirza & Soni v RUMS - 101

Manjunath & Patel v Imperial - 156

Khawaja & Kulkarni v RUMS - 182

Manjunath & Soni v Greenwich - 210


Sodhi & Rizvi v UH Rep - 120


Sodhi & Soni v RUMS - 162

Popley & Tailor v Imperial - 172*

Sodhi & Soni v BARTS - 121

Aggarwal & Khawaja v KCL - 149

Aggarwal & Limaye v SGUL - 122*

Sodhi & Soni v SGUL - 201

Godfray & Soni v Sunbury - 136

Patel & Soni v Kent - 113


Rhys Williams v George’s - 104


Rajan Soni v Imperial - 106

Rajan Soni v LSE - 112

Sam Morris v RUMS - 105


Burhan Mirza v RUMS - 120

Rajan Soni v St Mary’s - 126

Zain Rizvi v UCL - 101


Rajan Soni v RUMS - 102

Vineeth Manjunath v Imperial- 159

Abdullah Khawaja v RUMS - 142*

Vineeth Manjunath v Greenwich - 132

Rajan Soni v Greenwich - 112


Kabir Sodhi v UH Rep - 125*


Rajan Soni v George's - 169

Devansh Popley v Imperial - 125*