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The GKT School of Medicine at King's College London is one of the world-leading institutions in teaching within the medical sphere. The teaching is strengthened by the clinical experience offered by world-famous Guy's, King's & St Thomas' hospitals. It is, therefore, an honour and a privilege to represent these prestigious hospitals as a cricket club.


Guy's, King's & St Thomas' Hospital Cricket Club (GKT CC) was first founded in 1891 which is when the first records of a competitive cricket team consisting of physicians, surgeons and medical students were established.

Currently, however, the team consists of not only current GKT medical, dental and health science students, but KCL students from a wide range of subject areas, from Economics and PPE to the languages.


GKT CC endeavours to maintain a high standard of cricket with training beginning in October at the Kia Oval which runs throughout university term time from once to twice a week. Again, the ability to train at a world-renowned stadium with high-class facilities is a privilege and enables us as a team to prepare thoroughly for the up and coming season. 


As well as having a determination to win and strive for success, GKT CC also offers unforgettable socials but also national and international tours that have seen GKT travel to Barcelona, Cyprus and Berlin. The club's reputation is built upon many years of tradition, which include the famous Wednesday Guy's Bar nights, Café Nawaz curries and various other socials throughout the year. GKT CC welcomes players of a wide range of cricketing ability and promises to contribute to making those university years the best of your life.


If you are interested in joining please email gktcricketclub@gmail.com or leave your details on the 'contact us' page.